When registering a new account, SMS from Telegram may not come for the following reasons:

  • You are often asked for an activation code. For example, there was a delay in the arrival of SMS from Telegram and you, without waiting, make several new requests in a short period of time. The message “Too fast” may appear. The messenger may perceive this as suspicious activity and not respond to your requests. Solution: do not rush, wait a couple of minutes and try to request the code again via SMS.


  • The mobile operator may perceive the Telegram code as spam. In this case, the message with this code may not come at all. Solution: use the code to call the phone. If this method does not solve the problem, then you will have to contact Telegram technical support, as well as contact the mobile operator.


  • In case of unstable mobile communication and various failures from the mobile operator, the SMS code may also not come. Solution: check the coverage level, or restart your smartphone, perhaps after restarting you will receive a belated SMS with a code. As a last resort, contact your mobile operator.


  • Also, problems with SMS can arise due to problems with the Telegram application itself. Solution: make sure you downloaded the official Telegram app from reliable sources: Google Play Store. AppStore or the official Telegram website. If you still downloaded the official application, but the SMS code does not come, then you will have to contact Telegram technical support.