Many companies are now using WhatsApp business to communicate with their coworkers and clients alike. This application allows users to contact their clients on WhatsApp. Communicating with clients is now just as simple as sending a quick WhatsApp message. However, WhatsApp Business allows you to separate your business messages from your personal messages, which helps manage conversations with your clients. You can take full advantage of this business application by also using a Simvacy phone number.

Your business will now be able to send relevant, personalized, and quick messages about your services to your clients. These messages could include the status of their order, appointment reminders, or event reminders. It also allows you to quickly respond to any customer questions or concerns. If you are able to answer in less than 24 hours, the service is free. Otherwise, there are additional costs. WhatsApp Business allows you to create a business profile, including your location, website link, hours of operation, and more. This allows your company to have a professional image when contacting clients through the app. 

However, with WhatsApp business, you cannot use a phone number that you have previously used on the app. This means you are required to register a new phone number if you wish to use the service while keeping your old WhatsApp account active.

Typically, your average phone line is linked to a SIM card. Even if you use two different SIM cards on one device, WhatsApp will not allow you to use both regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business simultaneously. 

Because of this, the best option would be registering a second phone number for WhatsApp Business. Using a Simvacy secure number will work the same way as a regular phone number, with all the added benefits of maintaining your privacy.