WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world and Simvacy can be used to protect your personal number from Facebook in a matter of minutes. Replacing your existing personal number for Simvacy will not remove any of your chat history or contacts. You can even send a notification to your contacts automatically that you have a new number through WhatsApp.

Step-by-step guide

N.B depending on your device there may be slight variations to the below:

  1. Important: before you verify your new Simvacy plan on WhatsApp please make sure you have added a forwarding number in your Simvacy dashboard — you need this to receive your WhatsApp code.

  2. Now open WhatsApp on your device

  3. Tap Settings > Account > Change number > NEXT.

  4. Enter your old phone number in the first field and your new phone number in the second field, both in full international format.

  5. Tap NEXT.
  • If you turn on Notify contacts, you can choose if you want to notify All contacts, Contacts I have chats with or Custom… If you select Custom…, you’ll need to search for or select the contacts you want to notify, then tap the checkmark.
  • Your group chats will be notified when you change your phone number regardless of whether you choose to notify your contacts.
  1. You now will be prompted to begin the verification process of your new number.

  2. WhatsApp will first attempt to send you an SMS to complete the verification, however, once 60 seconds have passed you can request to be called. Once called, enter the 6-digit code you hear repeated.

  3. That’s it! You now have total anonymity on WhatsApp.

If you encounter any issues with the above take a look at WhatsApp’s detailed support area here — https://faq.whatsapp.com/android/verification/verifying-your-number